eyeObee Money



What is eyeObee Money?

eyeObee Money an innovative incentive/ referral program for everyone.

If you refer a client that purchases an ARTBook or use our Photo Booth.

You get paid.

Not in store credits, but an actual check in the mail.


How it works?

Do you know someone that has had a birthday, baby, engagement, wedding and etc?

Did they have professional photos taken?

Do they need an album or?

If your answer is yes, then you are a few steps away from getting paid.

Simply tell them about the eyeObee ARTBooks, and if they create and purchase it. You get paid.

No strings attached!



Our previous referral program was great and many took advantage of the discounts.

However, the advantages were limited to store credits.

You deserve to be rewarded for your referral.

This way, we create an environment that is truly beneficial for everyone. 

eyeObee gets a new client. The client gets an amazing product and you get paid.


Now, who's ready to get eyeObee Money?