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The Essence of Peace

The ART Book



An Art Book like no other

What started as a personal project, blossomed into a creation like no other. Utilizing luxurious material not typically used in a fine art book. Transforming it from an expressive visual piece of art into a beautifully curated Masterpiece.



ART Book Features

Custom Hand made

Crystal cover - Ultra Hardened Scratch resistant precision glass cover

Premium Leather side & backing

Gold leaf foil page wrapped edges

Soft touch high definition fine art prints

Low profile library binding

Ridged lay flat pages

* Limited Edition- Artist Signature *



The Story

After a recent passing, I was left devastated. I felt lost, and lacked the desire to create anything. We were given a peace lilly. At the time, it had not bloomed and I was unaware of  its species. I assumed it was a green leafy plant. Initially, it received very little attention and up keeping. Days became weeks and it still received little attention. Until one day, I had an overcoming urge to move it. I brought the plant closer to the window and made a vow to take better care of it. Every morning, I would say good morning, inspect it's leaves and water as needed. 

Several days later, a single petal began emerge. Exactly one month after her passing, the single petal was at full bloom, invoking a jolt of inspiration to capture its beauty. Not as I saw it, but how I felt it.

A symbolic visual of the representation of life.



About the Peace Lily

Native primarily to tropical areas of America and southern Asia, it is a graceful member of the Araceae family. 

Scientific name: Spathiphyllum



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