Frequently Asked Questions...

Where am I located?
I am located in Waldorf, Maryland. However, I service all over the D.C metropolitan area (DMV). I am also open to traveling outside of the DMV, contact me for special pricing.

How long does the photo session last?
Portrait sessions lasts about 1.5 hours. The total shooting time is 1 hour. Please visit Packages to learn more about what is included in your session.

Event sessions require a minimum of 2 hours. Total shooting time is based your preference.

How much does it cost?
Clients usually invest anywhere from $700- $3500.  Our clients love our add ons.

Do you offer wedding services?

Do you provide videography?
Yes, we offer high quality videography and cinematography.


Do you photograph birthday parties, family reunions, corporate events, or other event photography?
Absolutely! We specialize in event photography. My approach is mostly photojournalism. I think it’s the best way of capturing real emotions and to tell the true story of your event.

Do you offer classes on photography or can you show me how to use my camera?
I do not offer classes on photography. However, if you have any questions about photography or about your camera, feel free to contact me. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

What should I/we wear to the session? How can I pick the right clothing?
I don’t have a guideline of what to wear.  Generally, style and comfort is the best way to go. I always tell my client to wear what represents them. Be yourself and enjoy every moment of it. When you are comfortable and feel good about what you are wearing it shows in your images. The same goes vice versa.

Where will we have our session?
Your session will be held at the location of your choice. You name the place and I’ll see you there.

Will the downloaded picture be good quality?
Yes! You will receive all high-resolution images.

Do you offer mini sessions?
I don’t advertise them, but I actually do offer mini sessions. It’s usually based on request and if you know exactly what kind of images you are looking to produce. Mini sessions are about keeping sessions short and getting the images you desire. We’ll have to work as a team.

 What is the Home Art collection?
The Home Art collection is special gallery of my travel and street photography. Images are printed on to high quality metallic prints. All the images are made to order. They are not bulk ordered. They are sent to a professional photo lab to be printed then shipped directly to you.

How long should I wait after our session to receive my images?
Generally it takes about 2-6 weeks. This depends if you ordered any add-ons. The earlier you order your add–ons the faster they can be made and shipped.

How do I book a session?
You can e-mail us directly or visit the contact us page.